Emerson Spanish Immersion Learning Center


Located in Minneapolis’ Loring Park neighborhood in the Central community, Emerson Spanish Immersion Learning Center serves more than 525 students in grades Pre-K through 5. The school employs 29 full-time teachers, giving it a student/teacher ratio of about 17:1.

Emerson Spanish Immersion Learning Center is for both native English and Spanish speaking children. In grades Pre-K through 2, students receive 90 percent of their instruction in Spanish. When they get to the third grade and through the fifth grade, the use of English increases until it comprises 60 percent of the students’ instruction. Students are taught to both read and write in both languages.

Emerson administrators actively encourage parents to join the school’s PTA, helping plan and organize activities and events and to build community spirit at the school.

Emerson Rankings and Test Scores

Keep in mind while looking at Emerson’s test scores that the school undertakes a challenging task: teaching English-speaking children to speak Spanish and Spanish-speaking children to speak English. Therefore, standardized test scores may not accurately reflect the quality of the school.

In 2015, Emerson’s fifth graders lagged both the district and the state on the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment-III math exams, with 36 percent meeting or exceeding the standard. The average for the district is        44.9 percent and it’s 59.7 percent for the state.           

Emerson Spanish Emersion Learning Center is located at 1421 Spruce Place in Minneapolis. Reach the school by phone at (612) 668-3610.