Burroughs Community School




Located in Minneapolis’ Southwest community, in the Lynnhurst neighborhood, Burroughs Community School serves 794 students in grades K through 5. The school employs about 35 full-time teachers, giving it a student/teacher ratio of 23:1.

Special Programs

Burroughs Community School offers the following special programs in addition the core curriculum:

  • Advanced Learning
  • Art Adventure
  • Bravo
  • Arts for Achievement
  • Before/After School programs in foreign language, band and orchestra, ukulele groups, sports, fitness, dance, art and recreation.

The school employs specialist instructors for Visual Arts, Vocal Music, Media, Technology and Fitness.

Burroughs Rankings and Test Scores

Burroughs Community School is ranked 23rd of 806 public elementary schools in Minnesota. School ratings site SchoolDigger.com awards the school its highest honor, five out of five stars and GreatSchools.org gives it 10 stars out of a possible 10 stars.

In 2015, Burroughs’ fifth graders excelled on the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment-III exams. On the math portion, 80.3 percent of them met or exceeded the standard, far exceeding the district’s average of 64.3 percent and the state’s       59.7 percent.

These fifth graders did just as well on the reading exams, with 84 percent meeting or exceeding the standard. The district’s average is 81 percent and the state’s is 66.7 percent. Science scores were also impressive, with 81 percent of the students meeting or exceeding the standard. The district’s average is 71.4 percent while the state’s is 59.1 percent.

Burroughs Community School is located at 1601 West 50th St. in Minneapolis. You can reach the school by phone at (612) 668-3280.