Where are the Top Live Music Venues in Minneapolis/St. Paul?

Posted by Kris Lindahl on Saturday, November 15th, 2014 at 8:50am.

Local BandThe Minneapolis/St. Paul is lucky in that they have many big name national acts stop by for performances. The local music scene here is thriving too. Whether you are looking for a big name concert or want to check out a local newcomer performance, here are the top live music venues in the area.

The Varsity Theater

The Varsity Theater is one of the top spots to enjoy local artists and bands but they are the most likely to see national acts over any of the other small venues. You can find this venue located over in Dinkytown.

The Cedar Cultural Center & The Cabooze

Located over in Cedar-Riverside are both The Cedar Cultural Center and The Cabooze. The Cabooze is a place for underground acts to play both national and local. They see mostly punk, rap, rock and folk music. The Cedar Cultural Center supports local artists from all genres and they even host art festivals and dance performances. They see mostly local acts but sometimes get national acts.

First Avenue and Seventh Street Entry

First Avenue is a popular stop for national acts on tour. It’s become known as the most famous music venue in the city. Big acts and event local underground artists typically perform in the main room of First Avenue while the Seventh Street Entry is an intimate, smaller space for lesser-known artists. First Avenue has been open since the 70s seeing acts like Prince and Bob Dylan.  

Station 4

In St. Paul, check out Station 4. It’s a nightclub and rock venue. They typically see hard rock and metal acts from lesser known local artists. Sometimes they see national acts as well.

Check out these top venues in Minneapolis/St. Paul for some great live music.

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