Neighborhood Spotlight: Uptown Minneapolis

Posted by Kris Lindahl on Wednesday, January 21st, 2015 at 1:04pm.

Uptown Minneapolis is just south of downtown Minneapolis where many choose to live, work and play. It’s a trendy area with stylish homes, stores and restaurants. There are many families living in this area as well as college students and young professionals. Homes and apartments date back to the 1920s. Here is a look at the neighborhood including the entertainment, recreation, lifestyle and more in Uptown Minneapolis.

History and Lifestyle in Uptown

Uptown Minneapolis borders the beautiful Lake Calhoun which means you’ll see cyclists, runners and people using this area quite often. The lakes have been popular here since the 1880s but residential life didn’t begin until the 20th century.

People started building lakefront housing and apartments for commuters using the new streetcar system. Then in 1928, the Lagoon Theater, now known as the Uptown Theater, opened up at Lagoon Avenue and Hennepin Avenue which caused the area to grow commercially. A fire struck in 1938 that caused an economic downturn, destroyed the theater, caused crime and the area had to be renovated.

The Uptown area is very popular today with plenty of 1920s mid-sized apartment buildings, modern buildings, and cheaper mid-century 1970s buildings. Single family homes are larger and built in the mid-twentieth century. Apartment rents are affordable while buying a home is going to be pricey.

Location & Amenities

The area is known for being the fashionable part of town, especially around Hennepin Avenue and Lake Street. The neighborhood itself is bordered by Lake Calhoun on the west and Dupont Avenue on the east and somewhere around 31st Avenue to the south with 26th Street to the north.

Being in close proximity to the lakes and having a walkable neighborhood, this area really attracts all ages and lifestyles. Families, college students, young and old professionals are commonly found here. Lake Calhoun has two beaches, parkland for sunbathing and it’s commonly used for windsurfing, kayaking and snowboarding with parachutes.


Residents here don’t mind that stressful parking and traffic because the area has so much to offer. Take your bike instead and check out stores like Urban Outfitters, American Apparel and beauty shops or spas. For dinner, try Barbette,  Namaste Café or check out the bars like Uptown Bar or Chino Latino.

Uptown Minneapolis has so much to offer and is a popular place to live.

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