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Posted by Kris Lindahl on Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014 at 11:21am.

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Located in south Minneapolis is the Longfellow neighborhood. It sits between the Mississippi River and the Light Rail. It’s a residential neighborhood, moderately expensive, quiet and peaceful for couples and families. Immigrants once lived in Longfellow after leaving cramped neighborhoods east and south of downtown Minneapolis.

Since streetcar lines were laid connecting downtown Minneapolis to southern suburbs, it was easy for them to move to Longfellow and the area became home to the working class and small family homes. Here is a look at Longfellow today.


The neighborhood is situated between 38th Avenue and Haiwatha Avenue as well as 34th Street and 27th Street. This includes everything in the triangular area south of 27th street between the Mississippi River and Hiawatha Avenue. The community referred to as Longfellow includes Seward, Cooper, Howe and Hiawatha neighborhoods.


Since the neighborhood started in the 1920s, many homes are single level houses from this decade. You’ll also see many homes from the 1970s and modern, large homes built recently near the river. There are a few apartment buildings and newer high-rise apartment buildings.

Residents living in Longfellow are mostly middle class professionals.  Many families and couples live here since there are small single family homes. Being close to downtown Minneapolis and downtown St. Paul, many people that live in Longfellow work downtown. The area by the river on the eastern side is a wealthier area.


The neighborhood offers public elementary school options including Longfellow, Dowling and Hiawatha. There are no high schools but there is Sanford middle school. Minnehaha Academy is a private Christian school option in the neighborhood.


Longfellow does not have many shopping options because it’s more of a peaceful neighborhood. You’ll find banks, pharmacies and other necessities. Residents do enjoy the Riverview Theater, the Riverview Café and The Fireroast Mountain Café. The area also has the beautiful Minnehaha Park and the West River Road for walking trails.

This is a look at the Longfellow neighborhood in Minneapolis.

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