Neighborhood Spotlight: Bryn Mawr

Posted by Kris Lindahl on Wednesday, March 25th, 2015 at 10:45am.

Bryn Mawr is an excellent Minneapolis neighborhood for those that love recreational parks and small town charm while having the amenities of big city living. What makes this neighborhood so great? Not only are you conveniently close to downtown Minneapolis, but you’re enjoying the charm of a small town and the beauty of reasonably priced homes.

You’ll see Victorians, bungalows and Colonials in Bryn Mawr in addition to being surrounded by parkland on all sides including the Theodore Wirth Park. Here is a look at why many are choosing Bryn Mawr for their next Minneapolis home.

A Neighborhood within a Park

Bryn Mawr is being called a neighborhood within a park because of its location west of downtown on the western edge of Minneapolis featuring a park access on every side. The popular Theodore Wirth Park is to the northwest, the northern border features the Bassett Creek, to the south is the Cedar Lake Park and the Bryn Mawr Meadows is found to the east. The neighborhood is in the northern tip of the Minneapolis chain of lakes but homes are more affordable than ones you’ll see on the other side of Calhoun Isles.

The Homes

The homes here are commonly Colonials, Tudors, Victorians, bungalows, ramblers and contemporary homes. There are great amenities like restaurants, shops and cafes that line the intersection of Penn Avenue South and Cedar Lake Road. While residents have big city amenities and easy downtown access, the neighborhood offers a ton of green space and small town charm.

The neighborhood is one of the best kept secrets of the Twin Cities due to the location minutes from downtown and quietness of a park and lake home. You’ll find affordable homes right by the lakes, parks and trails. There are also many schools in the area for kids.

Along with a wonderful neighborhood to enjoy day in and out, the neighborhood features several annual events like the Bryn Mawr Garden Tour, the Share the Harvest Festival and the Festival of Garage Sales. Check out Bryn Mawr for your next home in Minneapolis.

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