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DOG FANCY magazine’s editors have chosen the cities they think are the most dog-friendly and Minneapolis made the top five.

The magazine’s readers nominate the cities and then the editors do the research to learn which five American cities offer the best in dog-friendly accommodations and activities. They look at things such as the number of dog parks, dog-friendly businesses in the area, the number of veterinary specialists, rescue programs and more.

Austin, Texas ranked the highest, for its rescue and adoption efforts, its dozen off-leash dog parks, numerous dog-friendly trails and swimming spots.

The magazine’s editors say the runners up in the contest “came in a close second,” so perhaps Minneapolis isn’t really number 5, that’s just

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What happens when a homeowner with an FHA-guaranteed loan stops making his house payments? After some time, the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, of which FHA is a part, forecloses on the home, repossesses it and then re-sells it.

So, why am I telling you this? Because HUD homes represent an amazing value to those on tight budgets, such as first-time buyers.

How it Works

Purchasing a HUD home is a bit different than the standard buying process. First, you’ll need to find these HUD homes for sale in Minneapolis, which is easy, as they’re listed on HUD’s website.

Then, you’ll need a HUD-approved broker to show you the home – not every broker in the Twin Cities is affiliated with HUD, but the Kris Lindahl Team is.

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Foshay Tower - Image Credit:

The Foshay Tower, named after the original owner and builder Wilbur Foshay, now goes by W Minneapolis – The Foshay hotel. It’s a skyscraper in Minneapolis that was modeled after the Washington Monument back in 1929 before the crack of the stock market. It stands 447 feet high with 32 floors and has an antenna at the top extending the structure’s height to 607 feet.

Part of the National Register of Historic Places, this landmark of Minneapolis includes a museum, observation deck, hotel, bars and other amenities. Here is a look at what you’ll experience at the Foshay Tower.

About Foshay Tower

The Foshay Tower has an observation deck in which you can experience the first skyscraper built in the state of Minnesota. This significant building is a

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Late nigh snack - Image Credit -

Not too long ago, late-night fare in Minneapolis consisted of greasy pizza after a night out. Things change, thankfully, and today you can find an amazing array of late-night snacks to quench any craving.

The city has taken the old late-night cuisine options and improved their game; the late-night food scene is now at a new level. Whether you want sushi, organic or even breakfast favorites, here is a look at some places to get your late night munchy cravings cured in Minneapolis.

Chino Latino – 2916 Hennepin Avenue

Check out Chino Latino where you can get favorites like the ghoulish French toast of the dead served with rum caramel syrup, their Mexican pizza or donkey punch cocktails. They serve this fun menu from 10:30pm to midnight on

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So, are the kids driving you nuts yet? Ah, take heart Mom or Dad – it’s almost over and they’ll soon be back in school. If you want to help them work off some of their pent up energy as we wind down the holidays, how about a day or weekend family trip? Read on for some ideas.


A quick 30 minutes east of the city will put you in just about everyone’s favorite Minnesota city, Stillwater. If you want to make a weekend of it, there are plenty of bed and breakfasts and other lodging opportunities in this adorable town.

Bring the skis, though, because you’ll want to check out the trail at Brown's Creek. Nearly six miles long, the trail is suitable for all skill levels.

 When you’re done being outdoorsy, Stillwater offers a plethora of

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Minneapolis - Image Credit:

Minneapolis is a busy place during the winter season. It’s one of the best places to live in the winter season due to the plethora of winter recreational activities to enjoy. People are active with snowmobiling, skiing, checking out the Como Zoo’s Polar Bear and so much more. Here is a look at the favorites around Minneapolis during the winter.

Skiing & Snowboarding

Skiing and snowboarding are two of the most popular winter recreational activities in Minneapolis. You’ll find people enjoying the slopes whether they are beginners or experienced. Within an hour of Minneapolis you can try amazing hills like Afton Alps, the largest local hill and Theodore Wirth, a small hill located in the city. For a serious mountain experience, check out Lutsen

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Minneapolis coffee shops are rather busy in the winter season. It’s the perfect place to warm up on a chilly afternoon, a place to sit and catch up with friends in the evening or a place to bring a laptop and catch up on some work.

Most of the coffee shops here serve something to eat with their huge drink selection. Whether you are looking for something unique and hidden or everyone’s favorite coffee shop, here is a look at some popular coffee shops in town.

Uncommon Grounds Coffee House – 2809 Hennepin Avenue

Located in an old mansion, the Uncommon Grounds Coffee House is in an 1877 Victorian House. You’ll love their plush emerald green booths and the shaded outdoor patio on warmer days. It’s located in the heart of Uptown and offers

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Longfellow - Image Credit:

Located in south Minneapolis is the Longfellow neighborhood. It sits between the Mississippi River and the Light Rail. It’s a residential neighborhood, moderately expensive, quiet and peaceful for couples and families. Immigrants once lived in Longfellow after leaving cramped neighborhoods east and south of downtown Minneapolis.

Since streetcar lines were laid connecting downtown Minneapolis to southern suburbs, it was easy for them to move to Longfellow and the area became home to the working class and small family homes. Here is a look at Longfellow today.


The neighborhood is situated between 38th Avenue and Haiwatha Avenue as well as 34th Street and 27th Street. This includes everything in the triangular area south of 27th street

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Homebuyers are told to worry about what might be wrong with a house they’re considering purchasing and, for good reason. Who knows what lurks behind the walls and for how long it’s been lurking? This is why the professional home inspection is just about standard in any purchase.

Unfortunately, the inspector can’t see inside the walls, so that fear remains. What he or she can see, however, goes on the inspection report and then becomes a tool to help the buyer whittle down the price of the home.

If you take care of known issues in your Minneapolis home for sale, even the small ones, before putting the home on the market, you’ll do away with many issues that would otherwise end up on the inspection report thus protecting your asking price.


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Minneapolis - Image Credit:

Located in southeast Minneapolis is the Seward neighborhood. It is part of the Longfellow community bordered by Hiawatha Avenue to the west, the Mississippi River to the east, Interstate 94 to the north and Midtown Greenway to the south.  It’s a residential area with many single-family homes and residents enjoy scenic trails and local cafes. Here is a look at life in the Seward neighborhood of southeast Minneapolis.

About Seward

Seward is a residential neighborhood with a section of industrial area at Hiawatha Avenue and 27th Street. The commercial area of this neighborhood is at Franklin Avenue where many small coffee shops and restaurants are located. There is one public school located in the neighborhood, easily accessible highways and

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