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Minneapolis New Construction Condos New construction inventory is low, and if you’re in the market for a new condo in or around downtown Minneapolis, be prepared to pay a premium. As of now, the only new construction condo units in downtown Minneapolis are listing for as much as $940,000, which is just over $700,000 above the median home value in the city right now. 

According to a recent report from the Minneapolis/St Paul Business Journal, about 42 condos of the 112-unit Portland Tower are currently occupied, while another 18 units are set to close sometime in the near future. Sales agents at the building are estimating Portland Tower will sell out in the next 12 to 14 months, leaving an even tighter inventory for potential buyers to choose from moving forward should such projections

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Fulton Neighborhood MinneapolisWhile Minneapolis is full of unique and desirable neighborhoods, it’s hard to imagine a more attractive place to call home than Fulton. Acting as one of the most southwestern portions of Minneapolis, the Fulton neighborhood first and foremost offers new residents a quiet residential atmosphere without being too far away from the vibrant city center; but as you'll quickly find, there’s a whole lot more to Fulton than what you might initially expect. 

Conveniently located at France & 50th is Fulton’s fabulous shopping district, which is also where you’ll find quite the variety of restaurants and eateries as well.

Outside of this tiny little village-like corridor, most of Fulton’s surrounding interior streets are low-key, tree-lined roadways that

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New Home Trends - Minneapolis Real EstateWith new construction in high demand all over the Twin Cities right now, home builders are continuing to look for new and improved ways to attract home buyers, ensuring their product stands out above the competition. While it’s true every home buyer out there has their own wish list of demands, there are plenty of different design elements that are commonly being sought out among active buyers right now, of which some were just recently outlined in a survey from BUILDER. 

According to all kinds of real estate professionals working in various aspects of the industry, here are just a few of the noteworthy design trends you’ll likely find in countless new construction homes in Minneapolis and all throughout the country: 

  • Neutral color schemes -
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New Construction Homes For Sale in Cedar-Isles-DeanThe Cedar-Isles-Dean neighborhood in Minneapolis is widely considered to be the perfect place to enjoy big city living, only with a bit of a suburban twist. The quiet tree-lined streets, the large single-family homes, and the overall tranquil ambiance that’s enhanced even further thanks to the neighborhood’s close proximity to Lake Calhoun all help combine to make homes for sale in Cedar-Isles-Dean extremely desirable, and perhaps even more coveted than ever by today’s active home buyers. 

While it’s true many homes scattered around Cedar-Isles-Dean are stately historic houses with unlimited appeal and desirability, potential buyers are also presented with some unique and highly-attractive new construction opportunities in the area right now as well,

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Downtown Minneapolis Real Estate MarketIn case you haven’t noticed, homes, condos, and other housing options around many of America’s downtowns are in very high demand right now, and that’s been the case for awhile now. According to data from Redfin, the average price per square foot in urban cores across the country has increased by a jaw dropping 76% over the past five years. Compared to the average price per square foot increase of 52% in overall metro areas, that’s quite a leap. 

So just what does this downtown trend mean moving forward? In general, perhaps the best way to look at current market conditions is that more of today’s active home buyers value functionality, walkability, and the idea of living close to plenty of amenities, attractions, and things to do. 

Here in

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Mortgage Rates IncreaseAt a time when the local Minneapolis real estate market slows down a bit for the holiday season, a spike in mortgage rates might also be contributing to what’s usually a letup in market activity. 

In case you missed it, mortgage rates in just about every category increased during the shortened Thanksgiving holiday week, which also comes after a slight jump immediately after the presidential election as well. 

The 10-year Treasure yield increased by 8 basis points, while the 30-year mortgage rate also saw a fairly substantial spike, rising 9 basis points to 4.03%. 

It seems almost hard to believe, but the latest rate increases now mark the first time we’ve seen mortgage rates above 4% since 2015, which has some industry experts wondering if we’ll

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Homes Near Top Elementary Schools in MinneapolisEvery year, Niche.com, Inc., formerly known as College Prowler, ranks and reviews schools in markets all over the country. From elementary schools and middle schools to high schools and colleges, if you’re looking for information about a school or school district, niche.com certainly isn’t a bad place begin doing a little research. 

To determine their rankings, Niche examines a variety of different categories that include academic achievements, test scores, school facilities, extracurricular activities, sports, and even health and safety. If you do a quick search on the site, it shouldn’t be long before you find the 2016 rankings for Minneapolis-St. Paul’s best elementary schools, which we’ll link here

Throughout our experience of working with

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New Homes on the Rise in the Twin Cities AreaNew construction is on the rise in the Twin Cities area, as the number of single-family home permits being pulled throughout the region continues to skyrocket. Not long ago, it was reported that 465 new building permits were issued during the month of October, which is up substantially compared to the same month in 2015. Additionally, the month of September also saw a nice bump in permits being pulled compared to a year prior, recording an increase by approximately 24 percent. 

With such a significant boost, however, many are wondering what parts of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metro Area are seeing the highest gains in new single-family homes, and thanks to data gathered by the Builders Association of the Twin Cities, we now have some insight that

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Minneapolis New Home ConstructionIf you’re someone who’s been worried about inventory issues in Minneapolis and even throughout the Twin Cities area as a whole, you’ll be delighted to hear that approximately 465 permits were pulled during the month of October, which equates to over 100 more compared to this same time last year. 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past 12 to 18 months, chances are you already know buyer demand has been strong throughout the duration of 2016, and even months prior to this year. Single-family homes are selling faster than ever, and because of the tightened inventory, home prices all over the Twin Cities have also been on the rise. 

According to recently released stats from the Builders Association of the Twin Cities, October wasn’t the only

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Minneapolis Short SalesSelling any Minneapolis home may seem like a daunting task on the surface, but when you owe more than the home is worth and are forced into a short sale, the stress level tends to shoot through the roof. But if you’re a home owner in the Twin Cities area are considering the possibility of short selling your home, here are a few quick tips for navigating the complex short sale process:

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

First and foremost, don’t be intimated by the words “short sale.” Ask as many questions as you can, do your homework, and familiarize yourself with the process in order to make the best possible decision for your individual situation. Ask lenders exactly what documents you’ll need to provide and talk to one of our local short sale

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