4 Must-Do Repairs before Selling

Posted by Kris Lindahl on Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014 at 10:00am.

Homebuyers are told to worry about what might be wrong with a house they’re considering purchasing and, for good reason. Who knows what lurks behind the walls and for how long it’s been lurking? This is why the professional home inspection is just about standard in any purchase.

Unfortunately, the inspector can’t see inside the walls, so that fear remains. What he or she can see, however, goes on the inspection report and then becomes a tool to help the buyer whittle down the price of the home.

If you take care of known issues in your Minneapolis home for sale, even the small ones, before putting the home on the market, you’ll do away with many issues that would otherwise end up on the inspection report thus protecting your asking price.

Here are some of the common repairs homeowners can make prior to placing the home on the market:

1. Plumbing

Faucets that drip and toilets that run continuously tell a buyer that routine maintenance of the home hasn’t been a priority. They may wonder what else has been left unrepaired. Fixing these problems is easy and inexpensive and if you’re at all handy, you can do them yourself.

2. Baseboards

Baseboard cleaning and repair is something a lot of homeowners don't perform while living in a home. Baseboards are just those things that you hit with the vacuum cleaner, right?

It's the little things, though, that, if repaired and refreshed, can make the entire room look cleaner. First, clean them. A magic eraser does wonders on baseboards. Whatever is left behind can be easily cleaned up with a little ammonia and water. If the baseboards are in really bad shape you might consider painting them.

3. Window Screens

Whether on windows or doors, nothing looks shabbier than a screen with holes in it or one that is sagging off the window. In some parts of the country, having screens repaired is actually an item in the purchase agreement. Pay close attention to the front door screen, keeping in mind that all-important “curb appeal.” 

4. Gutters

Speaking of curb appeal, how are your gutters holding up? Loose and sagging gutters are another way your home can broadcast neglect to buyers.  Tighten those screws and maybe give the gutters a fresh coat of paint while you're up there.

Sure, these are small repairs, but the boost they’ll give to the home’s cosmetic appeal is immeasurable.



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