3 Reasons Why you Should Buy a Condo in Downtown Minneapolis Right Now

Posted by Kris Lindahl on Wednesday, September 13th, 2017 at 10:42am.

Downtown Minneapolis Condos From renowned cultural attractions to a shorter commute and interesting condos and lofts, there are three great reasons why you should buy a condo in Downtown Minneapolis right now.

Cultural Attractions

Downtown Minneapolis is filled with fantastic options when it comes to cultural attractions. The Mill City Museum offers a historical perspective into the city’s flour milling past, while Walker Art Center presents modern artwork in the downtown area. There’s also Foshay Museum with an outdoor observation deck high above area landmarks.

One of the nation’s largest urban sculpture gardens, the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden includes a variety of creations, spread across 11 acres. This free destination is open for viewing from the early morning hours until late evening every day of the week. There’s also the free option of visiting the archaeological site of Mill Ruins Park, Cowles Conservatory or the old Stone Arch Bridge.

Cut down on the commute time

Another great reason to buy a condo downtown has to do with cutting down on your commute time. When you already live in the city, it becomes much easier to get to work or get to any of the other sites and attractions you want to visit in the city.

Because much of the downtown area is connected by a Skyway, it’s fairly easy to visit local businesses and shops in downtown. You can always choose the sidewalk during fair weather times of the year, but the Skyway present a convenient alternative to avoiding the sometimes harsh winter season, plus you don’t have to worry about stopping at traffic lights or finding a place to park once you get where you’re going. You can also catch convenient public transportation to help you get around even easier.

Great loft/condo options

In addition, there are some great choices when it comes to available lofts and condos in the downtown area. The Ivy Residences are housed in the historic Ivy Tower, with 26-stories of condos and hotel space. The elegantly designed condos range from studios to luxurious penthouse units, with open floor plans and high-end features and amenities.

There’s also the option of riverfront living, with reimagined properties now home to unique lofts. Choose from properties within Whitney Square Lofts, Stone Arch Lofts or exclusivity at Washburn Lofts, with plenty of available options for living in Downtown Minneapolis.

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