October 2015

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While the benefits of paying off your mortgage early seem obvious, financial experts are divided on whether it’s a smart financial move. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of paying off your mortgage early.


You’ll save all that interest that you would otherwise have owed. Keep in mind, however, that this can be both a curse and a blessing, since this interest provides you with a huge tax deduction. 

  • Peace of mind. What’s not to like about not having a monthly house payment? The additional money every month gives many who pay early a feeling of security and freedom.
  • A reverse mortgage can become a financial fallback for seniors. With a completely paid off home you’ll get more in a reverse mortgage than you would
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Why some architectural styles from the past have endured and others fell out of favor is anyone’s guess, but the bungalow is one that has remained in demand for more than a century. Minneapolis is home to thousands of bungalow homes, spread throughout most of its neighborhoods.

Our clients that are looking at vintage homes often ask us about the differences in the various architectural home styles found in Minneapolis so we thought we’d start clearing up some of the confusion. Since bungalows are so prolific here, we’ll begin with them.


The bungalow originated in India in the middle of the nineteenth century. In fact, the word bungalow means, roughly, “bangla” in Hindustani and was used to describe an Asian architectural style.

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We’ve come across a couple of interesting news stories the past few weeks and saved them all to bring to you in one post. Whether you want groceries delivered in an hour or a gift card for your old clothes, read on.

Groceries by drone?

Sam Black with the Minneapolis/St. Paul business journal wrote an interesting article last week about a new player in the Twin Cities grocery shopping industry – Amazon. Yes, as in Amazon.com.

The formal announcement from the buy-anything-online giant says it will offer one or two hour delivery in Minneapolis, St. Paul and some of the first-ring suburbs.

The plan is for Amazon to store foods in the building, awaiting delivery to customers who order the groceries online. Yes, delivery. So, will we see

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There are currently more than 900 properties for sale in Minneapolis and many are getting lots of attention. We’ve chosen the three most popular (the ones that get the most views) here on MinneapolisRealEstate.com to share with you.

Calhoun Isles Condo

There are so many reasons that this home is the most popular listing on MinneapolisRealEstate.com. It’s location near the Greenway, conveniently close to shopping is probably one of the most significant.

This condo is located on the eighth floor of the building with amazing views of the downtown skyline and Cedar Lake. It’s been updated, too, with new kitchen cabinets, appliances and tile back-splash in the kitchen, new carpet throughout the home and new paint. The bathroom is updated

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