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Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS), Special School District Number 1, teaches more than 36,000 students and administers almost 100 schools. The Kris Lindahl Team understands that when shopping for a home, parents often have a particular school in mind for their children. Even homebuyers that aren’t parents should get to know the local school as it does have an impact on property values.

This month we’re featuring Sanford Middle School, located in Minneapolis’ Longfellow community. The school serves 766 students in grades 6 through 8. Students will see Sanford’s “facelift” upon their return to school after the summer break. The school has been expanded, with a new gym and 14 brand new classrooms.

Sanford employs 44 full-time teachers, giving the

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Dining - Image Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/araswami/1328979437/

Check out the Living Room and Prohibition in Minneapolis for a great time. They are both located in W Minneapolis - The Foshay where you’ll find one featuring a cozy bar with a fireplace, a fun arcade, and artisan cocktails while the other features 360 degree views, a speakeasy style retreat and a private retreat that is perfect for private parties.

You can stop in for happy hour weekdays from 5-7pm before the crowd gets wild. Enjoy valet parking at the hotel and find one bar just off the street while the other is all the way on the 27th floor. Here is a look at these two amazing bars found only in Minneapolis’ The Foshay.

The Living Room

The Living Room is right off the street on the first floor of The W Minneapolis. It’s open on Sundays

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Zelo is the place to go for great grub and warm hospitality in Minneapolis. Located in downtown’s’ Nicollet Mall, it’s the perfect spot to go for a business lunch, a special occasion dinner or for bite to eat while you shop.

They offer a passion for high quality food, seasonal ingredients, and delicious drinks while giving their warmest welcome to diners. The folks at Zelo will take good care of you while you enjoy a comfortable and carefree dining experience in downtown Minneapolis. Here is a look at what you can enjoy from Zelo’s menu.

The Menu

Stop in for lunch, dinner, late night drinks or happy hour specials. Lunch features small plates, salads, flatbreads, sandwiches, pasta, fish and more. Try small plates like the calamari fritti,

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What a difference a month makes! This month’s Minneapolis real estate market statistics look nothing like last month’s, although it appears we’re still in a strong seller’s market.

Inventories are down in all of Minneapolis’ neighborhoods, with the exception of University where it increased more than 1.5 percent. Tight inventories mean competition among buyers so check out these tips for how to do battle in the Minneapolis home buying market.

 What this means for you, if you’re just now getting into the market, is that you need to go in prepared to do battle with other home buyers. Check out these tips about how to compete in the market and win. Another good idea is to enlist our help ― sign up for our FREE Home Finder service.

News for

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Guthrie Theater - Image Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/pavdw/9772619813/

The Guthrie Theater has been around since 1963. It is considered an American hub for production, education, professional training and theater performance. The Guthrie Theater highlights how humanity connects Minnesota to the rest of the world.

They do this through a variety of plays, concerts, and other events that take place all throughout the year. Here are just a few of the shows you can check out this summer.

Juno and the Paycock

This play takes place in the 20th century. It depicts the survival of one family after the Irish Civil War. The Paycock, whose real name Jack Boyle, is unemployed and loving it. He spends the bulk of his time drinking and wasting time. Juno is the matriarch of the family and he is trying to keep everyone

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Pasta - Image Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/naotakem/4626152880/

If you love pasta you will love Broder’s Southside Pasta Bar. Here you will find fresh pasta cooked to perfection every single day. The menu consists of well over 20 pasta and risotto dishes including:

  • Bocconcini
  • Olives Marinata
  • Conserva del Collo di Agnello
  • Spaghetti Carbonara con Carciofi e Speck
  • Fettuccine con Coniglio
  • Linguine con Calamari
  • And More!

Everything at the pasta bar is cooked to order and served up steaming hot. If you get a seat at the bar you will have an up close view of the pasta chefs making your order. The menu here changes seasonally and every day you will be greeted with a new special.

If you plan on ordering take out go with one of the macaroni pastas such as the spaghetti or penne. They are

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Steak - Image Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/gpeters/3394603624

J.D. Hoyt’s Supper Club is open seven days a week to serve mouthwatering steaks, extraordinary wines and a Sunday Cajun brunch. Located in the heart of the historic warehouse district, this popular Minneapolis spot is a favorite steakhouse due to the extensive menu, cozy atmosphere and perfect location.

It’s a great place to go if you’ve just arrived to the city because you’ll feel one with the locals. You’ll notice the friendly staff, the relaxed atmosphere and the fine cuisine. The wine list, cocktail menu and award-winning menu make this a popular choice for pro athletes too.  If you’re ready for the perfect night out, check out J.D. Hoyt’s Supper Club in Minneapolis.

What to Expect

The restaurant is located at 301 Washington Avenue North

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Family in a Park - Image Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/brisbanecitycouncil/10792937885/

Minnehaha Regional Park is a great place to hang out with the whole family. It offers beautiful views, natural features likes to explore, recreational opportunities and a free activity to enjoy in the city. It’s one of the oldest and most popular parks in Minneapolis and sees over 850,000 visitors each year. Check out the 53-foot waterfall, enjoy a bike ride on the paths and bring the little ones to the playground. Here is a look at what you can enjoy at Minnehaha Regional Park located in Minneapolis.

What to Expect

The park can be found at 4801 South Minnehaha Drive in Minneapolis. It’s open from 6am-midnight in all developed areas while undeveloped areas close at 10pm. The park sees over 850,000 visitors each year because it’s the perfect

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