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Minneapolis, or as some people call it the “Mini-Apple,” is full of "gems" throughout its neighborhoods.Let's take a look at some of them.

Donny Dirk’s Zombie Den – 2027 North 2nd Street

Donny Dirk’s is on the list for neighborhood gems around Minneapolis. It’s a bar, saloon and drink celebrating all things zombie. You’ll see zombie masks and unique leather chairs at the Den.If you have the guts, try Donnie Dirk’s Tree Climber cocktail, made from silver tequila infused with strawberry and jalapeno and fresh squeezed lemonade – otherwise known as Zombie Poison.

Matchbox Coffee – 1306 2nd Street Northeast

If you're a fan of neighborhood coffee shops, check out Matchbox Coffee on 2nd Street, a favorite hipster hangout. Whether you want to

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Tapas are snacks, or finger food, that originated in Spain. They can be cold or hot, but they are always savory. 

Make it a date night or group outing and enjoy tapas, such as a plate of mushroom tart, baked brie cheese or a cup of rabbit stew. You can order as many plates as you like because they are small. Here are the places to find yummy tapas in Minneapolis.

Rincon 38 – 3801 Grand Ave. S

What are tapas without sangria? If you're a fan of the wine punch, head to Rincon 38. Here you'll find what just may be the best sangria in the Twin Cities with tapas that will blow you away. Try the patatas bravas, paella, albondigas, pintxo de pollo -- come to think of it, you can't go wrong with anything on Rincon 38's menu. If tapas in a trendy yet

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There’s not much in life that is more confounding than to have your home sit on the market while those around you sell like $50 47-inch HDTVs.

Of course the real estate agent typically gets the blame, despite the fact that it’s rarely the agent’s fault. You’re laughing because the latter statement comes from a real estate agent. But wait – read on and you may end up agreeing with me.

Some People Clean their Homes

I think it’s safe to say that nobody wants to look at a dirty house let alone pay good money for it. Study after study has shown that homebuyers want “turn-key” homes – so they can move in without having to clean up after the former owner.

If cleaning isn’t your thing, hire a crew to come in and get the home in shape and then all

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