Armatage Montessori School



Armatage Montessori School is a public magnet in Southwest Minneapolis. The curriculum is based on that developed by Maria Montessori, emphasizing independence and respect for the student’s physical, psychological and social development. Students are allowed to progress at their own rate.

According to the school’s website, it offers: Special Education

  • Special Education
  • "Peaceful Playground"
  • Art Adventure
  • Theater
  • Parent-involved leadership

Armatage’s test scores exceed the district’s average and student growth rates are some of the highest in Minneapolis. Part of the credit for this goes to the principal who was chosen as Minnesota’s National Distinguished Principal. The rest goes to the teachers, each of whom has formal training as a Montessori educator.

The school also employs specialists in the fields of music, physical education, art, science and technology.

Parents are encouraged to remain active in their child’s education through the PTA and by offering representation on the site council.

From here, students go on to Anthony Middle School.

You’ll find Armatage Montessori School at 2501 W. 56th Street in Minneapolis. Reach the school by phone at 612.668.3180.