Andersen United Community School



Andersen is both an elementary and a middle school, serving children in grades Pre-K through 8. Total enrollment for the school is 1,111 students. Class sizes are reduced for kindergarten through the fifth grade.

The students at Andersen adhere to a dress code:

  • Pre-K through 4th grade: navy tops and khaki bottoms.
  • Fifth through 8th grade: black tops and khaki bottoms.

The school offers the following special programs:

  • Spanish Bilingual Language Development Program
  • ECFE (Early Childhood Family Education)
  • English as a Second Language Instruction
  • Gifted/Talented Program
  • Special Education
  • Somali Culture and Language Support

In addition to the core curriculum, Andersen offers a technology lab, environmental learning camp participation for fifth graders, anti-bullying programs and more. There are computers in all classrooms and Promethean boards in most.

Parents at Andersen enjoy the monthly family fun nights with a family dinner, student activities and parent workshops.

The middle school offers the following athletics:

  • Girls’ volleyball
  • Boys’ baseball
  • Girls’ softball
  • Boys’ and Girls’ basketball

There is also an after-school debate team.

Andersen United Community School is located at 1098 Andersen Lane in Minneapolis. You can reach them by phone at 612.668.4200.