1-Day Listing Program – Your Satisfaction Guaranteed or you can FIRE us!

So, you’ve found a real estate agent to list your home. He slides the listing agreement across the table to you and hands you a pen. As you read through the fine print you notice that the contract runs for the next 90 days. Yikes! You don’t even know this guy and you’re about to lock yourself into a three month contract with him?

What if he doesn’t perform as you expect? You’re stuck, and your home loses its most valuable marketing period.

We understand the challenges in finding a real estate agent you can trust, which is why Team Lindahl has created the 1-Day Listing Agreement. This is your way to get out of a listing contract free and clear and it was created just for Team Lindahl’s Minneapolis listing clients.

How does it work?

It’s simple, really. If at any time during the listing period you’re unhappy with the way we market your home, fire us – even if the ink is still wet on the listing agreement!

Of course, we’re confident that you won’t tell us to take a hike. Kris Lindahl, named by Trulia and Real Trends as one of America’s Best Real Estate Agents, actually teaches marketing to other real estate agents across the country. In addition, the team sells a home every 48 hours.

Isn’t it nice to have the option to FIRE your real estate agent whenever you want? We think so.

When you list your Minneapolis home for sale with the Kris Lindahl Team you can relax. We have it handled.